“An explosion of dynamic variation, energy and exciting harmonies... Styles embroiders the verse like an illuminated tapestry in sound”. Classical Source, May 2013 on the premiere of Vanity.

Next Concert: August 13th, 18:00. Bodice and Ribbons. Melbourne Recital Center, Australia


Handspun, commissioned by ROH2 and premiered at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden as part of Exposure Dance, Feb 2012.

Luke Styles is a UK based composer represented by IMG Artists. He was the first Glyndebourne Young Composer in Residence  (2011-2014) and is currently composer in residence at the Foundling Museum. Luke has worked with conductors and soloists such as Vladimir Jurowski and David Pyatt and ensembles such as the London Sinfonietta and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Luke’s music is played around the world with his work Handspun currently taking in London, Finland, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Panama City.

Luke is a former student of Wolfgang Rihm, George Benjamin and Detlev Muller-Siemens. His work encompases all forms and he is particularly drawn to collaborations of a theatrical nature. Read more HERE.


Foundling Museum Anthem

Over the last few weeks I have started to put some of my research at the Foundling Museum into a new piece for the museum, a new Foundling Museum Anthem. Handel wrote a Foundling Hospital Anthem when he was the composer attached to the organisation and I thought it would be nice to carry on this tradition with my own 21st Century Anthem.

The idea for the piece is to reflect the many stories that make up the history of the museum and hospital. I also want to channel some of the 18th Century social phenomena that took place in London and gave rise to the need for the establishment of the hospital, for instance the role of poverty, alcoholism and war. I want to use correspondence by foundling mothers and poetry by foundlings in the piece and reflect the modern voices of children who interact with the museum today.

What I have been doing recently towards all this is working with groups of very young people who come to the Bach to Baby concerts and the nursery workshops. I have been making music with 3 and 4 year olds, playing them my music and then getting them to compose little percussive pieces. I have recorded this and the noises and singing of even younger children who attend Bach to Baby to use as the raw material for two electronic movements in my anthem.

The anthem at the moment is planned to have seven movements (just like Handel’s) two of which will be ‘tape’ pieces. I’m working on these two movements this week. The rest of the work will use a mixture of professional early music musicians (drawn from La Nuova Musica) who will sing and play alongside young musicians from Camden.

I will be composing the work gradually over the next four months or so, continuing to research the history of the museum as I do so and find the right texts to set in order to tell a unique foundling museum story.

Also happening at the moment are the rehearsals for my opera of Macbeth. These are taking place in Glyndebourne, where the opera opens on the 25th of August, before transferring to the Royal Opera House Covent Garden. This week we finish the music rehearsals and on Monday production begins. We have a fabulous cast and all is going well at the moment. Time to get the thing on stage and turn it into theatre.

Purchase: The Girls Who Wished to Marry the Stars from NMC, Here.

Slogan 1 (2009). Violin and Viola. Premiered by Ensemble Amorpha.